Pink is like Red, but not quite.


My Old House

Things that I really like about my old house:

The diamond doorknobs, the windowsill that holds my perfumes, my Shabby Chic curtain in my shabby sweet bathroom window.  


Anne Taintor

I just love Anne Taintor products!  She combines vintage images with Anne’s own interpretation of what these men and women might really be thinking.
If you like them too you can see her products here: Anne Taintor



Butterfly Bushes

     The lady who reads the meter just hates them.  The Butterfly Bushes.  They have little prickles on them and they grow really fast, so she sent a note to Big G to trim them around the meter area.  He is so funny, turned rebellious and said,
"I ain't cutting those bushes."   
So, of course, I got out the bush-whacker and gave them a good trim.  I like cutting bushes, I find it to be therapeutic.   But, of course I had to get these pictures of the Butterflies first!


Big G's Birthday Weekend

  Big G is having a birthday, so  last week I told him, "We need to take a trip for your birthday while you are still 47."   He laughed and we did just that.   We went to Lafayette, Louisiana so he could introduce me to MULATE'S Authentic Cajun Menu, met up with my nephew who is working there, and had the stuffed shrimp.   The waitress had such a thick Cajun brogue, we could barely understand that.
    Then after lots of eating, laughing and hugs we went through Baton Rouge...back to Natchez. We headed out to sightsee and look at the lights of the bridge over the Mississippi River across from Vidalia, Louisiana.   The next morning we ate breakfast and went to the Longwood, or "Nutt House" for the tour.  He loves history, and especially the craftsmanship involved in building the structure with the impending is a romantic, industrious, impressive, creepy story.   We think of it as an old friend-and it is our favorite.   
     When the war that suddenly burst upon the nation deprived him of his workmen and his wealth, Dr. Nutt settled his family into the lower floor of the home.  Although a Union man, his rich cotton lands and millions of dollars worth of his goods were burned and confiscated by the Union Soldiers.   A broken man, he died of pneumonia in 1864 leaving his Longwood incomplete.
      I have to mention also, that it was recently in the HBO series, "Trueblood" because of course, there are Vampires and Werewolves in Mississippi and Louisiana. We had a wonderful time!