Pink is like Red, but not quite.


Enjoying a Wedding with my Family

Is there any celebration as festive as a wedding?  I enjoyed a trip to Mobile, Alabama this weekend with members of my family to see a cousin's daughter get married.  The couple was so happy and the bride was beautiful.
We sipped champagne, and enjoyed a new favorite....chocolate covered BACON!  Yes, it was delicious and no, I didn't eat just one piece.
The houses in old Mobile were decorated to the max with Mardi Gra decorations, and the Magnolia Manor was magnificent. Lovely boughs of flowers and ivy in the windows and over the doorways.
The bluegrass music was delightful during the wedding and the reception.

                                                                    The happy couple.

                                                             We had a wonderful time!


Red Birds

Our Red birds are so lovely!
  Energy rolled up in red feathers
attached to the branches of the tree
beside my windows.
They are fattening up,
and the cats get close, but never close enough :o)
They also love the red berries
from the Nandina bushes 
next to the front porch.