Pink is like Red, but not quite.


Pink and Painting Inspiration

I used to paint often, then I took an aversion to linseed oil and the smell of oil paint in general when I was pregnant with the first son. If you have ever had morning sickness all day, you know exactly what I speak of. I still feel a little sick when certain songs from the 80's come on the radio. 

I found a lovely painter from France today, I like looking at the pastel colors she uses to paint flowers.  She also paints tutus, perfect for a little girl's room.
Can you get any better than Pink paint for inspiration?  I think not.

Amelie Laurence


Lipton Sun Tea

Lipton Sun Tea

After Hurricaine Katrina, I made a lot of Sun Tea, because we had no electricity. My family said it was the best I had ever made.  So today I made some and once again, the Big Sun Tea Jar did the magic out in the hot Mississippi Sunshine. Add Real sugar = Refreshingly delicious.


Mother's Day

Aren't they pretty? My oldest son brought them to me for Mother's Day. I must be a pretty good one, huh? In spite of the fact that I forced them to learn how to use a washing machine and dryer, and I used to put crackers in a dish on the floor so that they could pretend they were "puppies" and I would never pay them money for good grades, because, "good grades are your own reward" and I would trim their hair crooked sometimes and I would make them hold the hymn book and sing in church.  I used to burn the cookies all the time, but they taught me how to use the timer on the stove.  I put dresses and bonnets on them when they were babies so I could see what they would look like if they were girls.  My babies. They love me :o)