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Eating Persimmons Like a 'Coon in the Fall

That is what my daddy used to say when I would look outside and see him by the Persimmon tree.  He would say,
"I am out here eating Persimmons like a 'Coon in the fall".

If you have never eaten one, they are an acquired taste for sure, but eating them when I was small made it even better as I get older and realize that they are available for only a short season, and delicious while available. I was surprised to find that the tree is in the Mahogany family, and that they are native to the United States. All this time I thought it was just an Asian import.  They are full of Vitamins and antioxidants and fiber and proteins. Daddy was so smart! He was way ahead of his time-thanks to those Mississippi 'coons of course.