Pink is like Red, but not quite.


Blueberry Jellies

    I hate to waste anything.  So, those blueberries were getting ripe and hanging in big blue bunches and I had to do something with them.   I wanted to make jelly, but I had to get rid of the tiny seeds, so I put them in the blender and tried to strain them through cheesecloth.  It took forever, and the juice was not nice and clear.  To me it looked like a hemorrhage with a giant blood clot and bloody bandages. YUK.  I had to throw it all away and start over...
  There had to be another way!  So I filled the big pot with the berries, added a little water and boiled them down.  I took the mixture and strained it and got rid of all the seeds. Beautiful, clear juice.  I made the jelly just like it says on the Sure-Gel package.  I agree with my mama, there is nothing like hearing those jelly jars go "PLINK" when they are sealing up with the hot jellies.  I also need to mention that it is delicious and makes terrific peanut butter and jelly sammiches. 


Happy Is Not That Difficult

 Happy is not that difficult.

Come sit here on the swing with me, have the beverage of your choice, and please interrupt me any time!
This is what I have found out.

 Everyone gets blue.  We think that happy is difficult, but it really isn't.
A lot of the time, if you are female, you can count to the 28th day on your calendar and all of a sudden you feel a smidge better.
There is no reason for me to attempt to give you advice, because you have already decided what you want to do, even if that
is to do nothing.  At this point in my life, I have become more gentle in judging people, myself included.
So, if the consequences for your actions are unpleasant, then stop doing whatever is causing them.
If you are hungry, eat-if you are having unprotected sex, expect some sweet babies, or a nasty disease.
If you are dating someone who drinks and beats you up, then expect more of it if you marry the shmuck.
Our lives are not forever, so giggle with your spouse and kiss them often in front of the children.
I ask Big G all the time to "Be My Valentine"~and of course he says yes!
Nope, happy is not that difficult, but it does take a little effort.
More later

Hilarious Bloggers

   I do so enjoy reading blogs randomly, but of course I have my favorites.  Usually the ones with absolutely breathtaking photographs of random objects...why I enjoy these the most, I have no idea.
I found something humorous on one of these lovelier blogs.   It is a message to anyone who might like it enough to give it an award.   The pretentiousness of it just amazed me, and made me laugh out loud.  Here it is:

  While I appreciate each and every one of the awards that you have given me since 2007, I have decided that my blog will no longer be accepting awards and tags. Thank you for your understanding. 

****************I think that is way out...groovy...past snobbery******************************

I think I really should endeavor to make my thoughts as snobby as possible, or my photos much more impressive so that I can keep up.
At any rate, I have decided to call my writing's "Blogettes" since they are far too simple to be real blogs.

I have also to decided to make myself some fake blog awards, since I find that to be kinda neat-o.


Porch Discussions

  We have really used our porches over the years.  Our boys have grown up having "Porch Discussions" about everything from the good old days to religion to sex, drugs, rock and roll, peer pressure, and of course whatever sport they are following at any time.
    Heat or cold, doesn't matter, there we are.  You can learn a lot sitting on the porch.  You can also eat a lot of steak, burgers, hot dogs and homemade ice cream.  They are used to seeing me sipping a good glass of Moscato and it is nice to have a frozen fruity smoothie every now and then.
    Jeffrey and Rosie consider the porch part of their extended nest, so those birds will talk some cockatiel to you even if you are not bi-lingual.  


Almost everything can seem humorous ... eventually.

    Almost everything can seem humorous ... eventually.
Even those pictures from Nursing School that you promised yourself you would never show anyone.
  They are starting to look pretty good, and that is amazing...or sad, I can't decide.
A friend of mine and I decided we would write a book about our adventures in nursing, and we are gonna title it, "You Got It In The Wrong Hole".
I think it is a terrific title, and of course there is a marvelous story to go with it, if you are over 18 and you are interested.


Facebook and Friends

   I got a facebook message today from another blogger.   I had asked to be a facebook friend, because I have actually read some of her books and I read her blog from time to time.

The message was:
Thank you for wanting to be my friend, but
Facebook won't let me have anymore friends because the limit is 5000. Come join my fan page! I promise not to send annoying emails like the other fan pages do.

My response:     wow...5000..

So, her friendships are limited, and I didn't win the lottery.  Isn't that tacky?  I felt a whiff of elementary school come over me all of a sudden-like.
Like when you made the shoe-box mailboxes in 3rd grade, and everyone bought those little Valentines.
You would use up all of your pink and red crayons coloring hearts before time for the homeroom party hoping that you got a Valentine from each and every other child in the room.
It never failed, somebody would have forgotten one Valentine, and you NEVER wanted to be the one who did not get all the Valentines.

So i guess she won't "Be My Valentine", huh?
How devastating!                                                                                                                                        


Our Pet Chicken

    Ok, folks...I have gotten a lot of requests for the pet chicken story.
Big G and I were headed to the college to trade vehicles with my eldest on the coldest day imaginable.
(Well for South Mississippi anyways) 
All of a sudden we started seeing poor dead chickens on the road...the ones that jumped but did not make it.
But...then we saw the wounded chicken on the center line, shivering and dodging the traffic.  This was just not gonna do at all.
  Big G says, "Well, I just can't stand that."  So, we turned around and went back.  He went out in the road and picked up Chicken and put her on the side of the road.
  He says, "Just remember where we left her, and when we come in the other vehicle, we will get her and take her HOME."   Yes I have loved this man for 28 years :o)
  So, when we came back through it was dark, but I remembered where she was, and she got a ride HOME.  She was such a fun chick, she ate corn or bugs, or rocks (lots of rocks) but her favorite: CAT FOOD.
She would knock the cats down to be first at the dish!
  She would "go to roost" at night on the water hose in the front yard, so we would have to go and fetch her down and put her in the chicken pen.  In the morning she would complain loudly that it was time to come out.
She had a lot of adventures, and I enjoyed all of them.  She would lay an egg a day, but of course we realized that it was only her hobby.
She didn't work professionally anymore.



When I Grow Up

When I grow up, I want to be a lot taller and thinner, with really long legs.
Sometimes it bothers me to watch nudity on television.
Not all of the time, because I am as curious as the next 45 year old human being.
Not because I am a Christian, or a prude, or even because I don't look 20, 30 or even 40 anymore.
I think I see too much "Nekkidness"  on the job.
I work with patient's bodies that were once young and smooth and able.
Now they are clinging to the bed, clinging to life sometimes.
Makes me think of how a starving person must feel-being forced to watch someone eat a feast of juicy delightful foods when the plate was just sitting in front of them and they only got a taste.
Maybe just thinner, with longer legs.


Creme Brulee at Beau Rivage

My husband came to pick me up from the airport in Gulfport. I was expecting my son, so it was a really nice surprise. He took me to the Beau Rivage, for a bite of nice!
We wound our way through the casino, listened to the band, watched all the drunken folks on the dance floor swaying to the music.
I love to see everybody all dressed up and happy, drunk or not.
We headed over to the Terrace Cafe, and the waitress was so kind~placed us in front of the windows next to the plants and trees and pretty lights.
He got a huge burger, and I of course had Fried green tomato with shrimp and crab sauce...YUM.
The conversation was relaxed and comforting, and the Creme Brulee was to die for!
My husband is the

Mr. Marbles at the Flea Market

We found Mr. Marbles last week at the Flea Market.
John looked at me and asked, "Is that a doll?"
I picked up the pillow covering the toy, and we were both startled.
It was a ventriloquist dummy like Mr. Marbles from the show, "Seinfeld".
It had a sign attached that told children not to play with him.
John is 20 years old, but I could see the opportunity for fun crossing his face.
"What do you think Chris (His older brother) would do if he pulled back the covers on his bed and found Mr. Marbles?"
I just laughed, because he was obviously scared to touch him.

Big brother Chris and I were at that same Flea Market today.
I told him about the toy.
His eyes got bright and we looked everywhere for it.
Chris wanted to put it in John's bed,,,great minds think alike and all...
The saleslady said the owner took it home because children wouldn't stop playing with him.
Chris said it was worth whatever it cost-he was laughing.
I told her if the thing went home with us it would wind up sleeping in every bed in our community....boys and mischief ya know.
That just made her day.


Reincarnation of the Curtains

When we first moved into this old house, I made a set of curtains for the bathroom. I loved that cabbage rose print then, and apparently I still do. I also ended up making a skirt for the pedestal sink~I can only sew straight seams, but I am really proud of it!
Eventually, the curtains played out, but I put them away neatly for prosperity.
Later, I ended up making pillows for the porch swing with some of the curtains.
Not long ago, I found what was left again. Now I use them for small tablecloths on the backporch when we have company.

Hankies, Part One

When I was little, my big sister and I decided to look through "THE CEDAR CHEST" which was a very simply made cedar box full of pictures and special things. We found a pretty dress with a Ladies hankie which was very wrinkled and obviously needed our attention.
Apparently, we had learned how to iron, so of course we ironed the hankie out nice and flat. Imagine our surprise when mama did not look happy. She looked like she was going to cry!
Well, the soft little cloth belonged to my Grandma, and the wrinkles were there right from her tiny hand into her dress pocket.
It was a good lesson for us about sentimentality and women. You never want to see your mama cry when you meant to make her smile.
So began my love affair with those tiny hankies. I am doomed to look for them anytime I am in a flea market. I have posted a couple of nice examples.
The embroidered ones are really nice, but I like the everyday hankies, with the printed on patterns also. They really come in handy now that my mama is 81 and we go to funerals quite often. Please don't be surprised if you shed a few tears and I offer you one to is rude to refuse, after all. So comforting to hold on to something soft and so ultimately useful.

My addiction to

Okay, I admit it, I am now addicted to
Instead of calling my mother or my mother-in-law for advice, I generally do check it first.
I love knowing how to do something. It validates my existence.
Somehow it all goes back to my mom stressing to us the importance of being a "useful person".
It all started with our pet chicken.
Someday I will write a blog about the pet chicken.
For today, I will say that ehow helped me with "chicken care" because I knew nothing about the life of chickens.
Of course, I must give a little credit to the chicken herself.