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Creme Brulee at Beau Rivage

My husband came to pick me up from the airport in Gulfport. I was expecting my son, so it was a really nice surprise. He took me to the Beau Rivage, for a bite of nice!
We wound our way through the casino, listened to the band, watched all the drunken folks on the dance floor swaying to the music.
I love to see everybody all dressed up and happy, drunk or not.
We headed over to the Terrace Cafe, and the waitress was so kind~placed us in front of the windows next to the plants and trees and pretty lights.
He got a huge burger, and I of course had Fried green tomato with shrimp and crab sauce...YUM.
The conversation was relaxed and comforting, and the Creme Brulee was to die for!
My husband is the

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