Pink is like Red, but not quite.


Porch Discussions

  We have really used our porches over the years.  Our boys have grown up having "Porch Discussions" about everything from the good old days to religion to sex, drugs, rock and roll, peer pressure, and of course whatever sport they are following at any time.
    Heat or cold, doesn't matter, there we are.  You can learn a lot sitting on the porch.  You can also eat a lot of steak, burgers, hot dogs and homemade ice cream.  They are used to seeing me sipping a good glass of Moscato and it is nice to have a frozen fruity smoothie every now and then.
    Jeffrey and Rosie consider the porch part of their extended nest, so those birds will talk some cockatiel to you even if you are not bi-lingual.  

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  1. John: Mom, what is this thing on my arm right here?

    Mom: Sigh...Let me look at it....