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Our Pet Chicken

    Ok, folks...I have gotten a lot of requests for the pet chicken story.
Big G and I were headed to the college to trade vehicles with my eldest on the coldest day imaginable.
(Well for South Mississippi anyways) 
All of a sudden we started seeing poor dead chickens on the road...the ones that jumped but did not make it.
But...then we saw the wounded chicken on the center line, shivering and dodging the traffic.  This was just not gonna do at all.
  Big G says, "Well, I just can't stand that."  So, we turned around and went back.  He went out in the road and picked up Chicken and put her on the side of the road.
  He says, "Just remember where we left her, and when we come in the other vehicle, we will get her and take her HOME."   Yes I have loved this man for 28 years :o)
  So, when we came back through it was dark, but I remembered where she was, and she got a ride HOME.  She was such a fun chick, she ate corn or bugs, or rocks (lots of rocks) but her favorite: CAT FOOD.
She would knock the cats down to be first at the dish!
  She would "go to roost" at night on the water hose in the front yard, so we would have to go and fetch her down and put her in the chicken pen.  In the morning she would complain loudly that it was time to come out.
She had a lot of adventures, and I enjoyed all of them.  She would lay an egg a day, but of course we realized that it was only her hobby.
She didn't work professionally anymore.


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