Pink is like Red, but not quite.


Facebook and Friends

   I got a facebook message today from another blogger.   I had asked to be a facebook friend, because I have actually read some of her books and I read her blog from time to time.

The message was:
Thank you for wanting to be my friend, but
Facebook won't let me have anymore friends because the limit is 5000. Come join my fan page! I promise not to send annoying emails like the other fan pages do.

My response:     wow...5000..

So, her friendships are limited, and I didn't win the lottery.  Isn't that tacky?  I felt a whiff of elementary school come over me all of a sudden-like.
Like when you made the shoe-box mailboxes in 3rd grade, and everyone bought those little Valentines.
You would use up all of your pink and red crayons coloring hearts before time for the homeroom party hoping that you got a Valentine from each and every other child in the room.
It never failed, somebody would have forgotten one Valentine, and you NEVER wanted to be the one who did not get all the Valentines.

So i guess she won't "Be My Valentine", huh?
How devastating!                                                                                                                                        

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