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Happy Is Not That Difficult

 Happy is not that difficult.

Come sit here on the swing with me, have the beverage of your choice, and please interrupt me any time!
This is what I have found out.

 Everyone gets blue.  We think that happy is difficult, but it really isn't.
A lot of the time, if you are female, you can count to the 28th day on your calendar and all of a sudden you feel a smidge better.
There is no reason for me to attempt to give you advice, because you have already decided what you want to do, even if that
is to do nothing.  At this point in my life, I have become more gentle in judging people, myself included.
So, if the consequences for your actions are unpleasant, then stop doing whatever is causing them.
If you are hungry, eat-if you are having unprotected sex, expect some sweet babies, or a nasty disease.
If you are dating someone who drinks and beats you up, then expect more of it if you marry the shmuck.
Our lives are not forever, so giggle with your spouse and kiss them often in front of the children.
I ask Big G all the time to "Be My Valentine"~and of course he says yes!
Nope, happy is not that difficult, but it does take a little effort.
More later

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