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Hankies, Part One

When I was little, my big sister and I decided to look through "THE CEDAR CHEST" which was a very simply made cedar box full of pictures and special things. We found a pretty dress with a Ladies hankie which was very wrinkled and obviously needed our attention.
Apparently, we had learned how to iron, so of course we ironed the hankie out nice and flat. Imagine our surprise when mama did not look happy. She looked like she was going to cry!
Well, the soft little cloth belonged to my Grandma, and the wrinkles were there right from her tiny hand into her dress pocket.
It was a good lesson for us about sentimentality and women. You never want to see your mama cry when you meant to make her smile.
So began my love affair with those tiny hankies. I am doomed to look for them anytime I am in a flea market. I have posted a couple of nice examples.
The embroidered ones are really nice, but I like the everyday hankies, with the printed on patterns also. They really come in handy now that my mama is 81 and we go to funerals quite often. Please don't be surprised if you shed a few tears and I offer you one to is rude to refuse, after all. So comforting to hold on to something soft and so ultimately useful.

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