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Hilarious Bloggers

   I do so enjoy reading blogs randomly, but of course I have my favorites.  Usually the ones with absolutely breathtaking photographs of random objects...why I enjoy these the most, I have no idea.
I found something humorous on one of these lovelier blogs.   It is a message to anyone who might like it enough to give it an award.   The pretentiousness of it just amazed me, and made me laugh out loud.  Here it is:

  While I appreciate each and every one of the awards that you have given me since 2007, I have decided that my blog will no longer be accepting awards and tags. Thank you for your understanding. 

****************I think that is way out...groovy...past snobbery******************************

I think I really should endeavor to make my thoughts as snobby as possible, or my photos much more impressive so that I can keep up.
At any rate, I have decided to call my writing's "Blogettes" since they are far too simple to be real blogs.

I have also to decided to make myself some fake blog awards, since I find that to be kinda neat-o.

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