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Mr. Marbles at the Flea Market

We found Mr. Marbles last week at the Flea Market.
John looked at me and asked, "Is that a doll?"
I picked up the pillow covering the toy, and we were both startled.
It was a ventriloquist dummy like Mr. Marbles from the show, "Seinfeld".
It had a sign attached that told children not to play with him.
John is 20 years old, but I could see the opportunity for fun crossing his face.
"What do you think Chris (His older brother) would do if he pulled back the covers on his bed and found Mr. Marbles?"
I just laughed, because he was obviously scared to touch him.

Big brother Chris and I were at that same Flea Market today.
I told him about the toy.
His eyes got bright and we looked everywhere for it.
Chris wanted to put it in John's bed,,,great minds think alike and all...
The saleslady said the owner took it home because children wouldn't stop playing with him.
Chris said it was worth whatever it cost-he was laughing.
I told her if the thing went home with us it would wind up sleeping in every bed in our community....boys and mischief ya know.
That just made her day.

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