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Magical Wedding Day

My son's wedding in September was such a magical event.
  (I got the word "Magical" from my sister, Donna-and it truly suited the occasion)
It was held at the Methodist Church where my daddy is buried.
It was the only way daddy could attend, so we did what we could, huh?
The bride was lovely in her white gown, and the groom was stunned at her entrance.
(My mama never watches the bride she always watches the groom)
A more perfect day could not have been purchased.
The girls all got ready for the event at my house, and of course I loved all of it-the false eyelashes, the choosing of the hairstyles, the hairspray and perfume, and the photos-lots of those.  I wish I could have stayed true to my diet, but I wasn't too scary in the pictures.   I never thought I would get to enjoy the "Bridal" part of a wedding for my son, but this bride was very kind and generous.  She allowed me to be involved as much as I liked.  My husband bought Mint Julep soda pops to go with the old fashioned theme, and the Sunflower bouquets were just so colorful and cheerful!  The Chocolate covered Bacon I made for the groom's table was divine..and it was a big hit.

My son really loves her.

So vintage~with happy sunflowers.