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Quince Jellies

     My daddy had a huge quince tree in the garden behind his house, and they would fall and crack your head open while you picked the fruits off the ground. I love to fill a big bowl with them and smell the fragrance during Thanksgiving.  Hardly anyone even knows what they are anymore.
     Of course, years ago, backyard quince trees were common. People would cultivate them to harvest the fruit for cooking in pies or preserves. Inedible raw, and looking like a cross between a pear and a golden apple, quince cook up sweet, with a vibrant rose color and a floral aroma and flavor. These days you can still find an odd tree here and there in backyards of older houses, though chances are the owners don't know the culinary delights available in these hard yellow fruit.
      I made some quince jelly today, and it is delicious and very pretty.

                            I think the jellies will make good gifts for my sisters and my brother.
We have all had the chance to be bonked on the head while picking up a quince or two with Daddy.

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