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Going to Jackson

                                  ♫ ♪ We got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout, ♫
                                   We've been talkin' 'bout Jackson, ever since the fire went out. ♪ ♪

          Just like the man in black, Big G and I headed to Jackson for a wedding this past weekend. 
We attended a wedding for a lovely young couple at Alta Woods Baptist Church, with a reception at the Old Capital Inn immediately after.  It was a terrific celebration.  My husband said it was the first wedding he ever attended where the men cried more than the women. The groom got choked up and emotional.  It was just too sweet for words.When we arrived at The Old Capital Inn, we were staying in the "Shubuta Room"-apparently all the rooms have names, and we were next door to the "ELVIS sleeps" room.  There was a sweet little balcony overlooking a courtyard with goldfish, and a welcome basket filled with Mississippi snacks on the comfy bed.

  It was a lovely celebration with a handsome couple, bridesmaids in the palest pink imported french silk, peonies and lambs ears in the bouquets and a vintage getaway car.

  The band was Coupe De Ville, rocking our night away with tunes from all our favorites.
                                          (Didn't hear any gangsta rap, thank goodness!)
  The food was really good, and the cakes were both yummy buttercreams.

  Did we drink too much wine? Probably.  Traditionally, that is the only way to get white people to dance.

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