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Summer Project

My son, Chris will marry in September, and I will have a whole room to play with.
I am thinking about making me a cozy nest where I can sleep on the nights that Big G is snoring, or sometimes I like to read or have hot flashes in peace without some male giggling at me cause I toss the covers back  so often.  I have an old iron bed my daddy bought me when I was little.  It came out of an old hotel...I guess that means it is pretty sturdy and is keeping secrets.  I also had a little dressing table of sorts, mama had a pretty yellow table skirt on it.  I have been using it for a sewing table for years.
We will get back to the iron bed project later.

Here is a " before" table  picture:

The legs look spindly in this picture, but it is quite sturdy.  I always have liked that table.
I saw a really pretty tablecloth on one of my shopping sites,
all ruffles-but a little expensive right this minute.
Shabby Chic tablecloth

                                               I decided to make one. A summer project!
I used lots of ruffles on mine, they started out as a curtain. some material, some lace, some thread and Voila!

 My big sister gave me the silver dresser set a long time ago for Christmas.  She has very nice taste, yes.

                                                                   An "after" picture:

                 I like the price of! The one I found shopping was $138.00.  I did GOOD!

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