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Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs...

Yes, I still boil and dye a few every year.  I have such happy memories of dyeing eggs with my boys, the smell of egg and vinegar.  We always ended up with at least one "Black" egg because you have to dip at least one in every color.  No it ain't pretty.  I like the Easter grass made out of  paper shreds. I don't know why.  The boys have had the same baskets since they were little, and now they are both in their twenties.

    We went to my sister-in-law's house on Saturday, of course I brought the deviled eggs (so good!)
Everyone brought their personal best.  I love that we all bring the same dishes for the feast at any occasion. Ah, Tradition!  We had a wonderful afternoon playing a very social game of croquet, with lots of cheating and laughing and twirling of the mallets.  Of course, my youngest son, John won because he only plays to win.

The eggs were hidden for the little ones, and the whole afternoon was a success.  The grass was so green, and the sky very blue.


                                                                  The Easter Cows:

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