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The Wedding Gift ~ A Keepsake

     We are about to become mother-in-law and father-in-law to a wonderful girl from Alabama.  Chris and Erin will marry in September.  They started dating about 5 years ago, and I never had a daughter of my own, so we consider her very special.  Of course, we wanted to get something useful for her wedding gift, but a keepsake also. We found an antique cedar chest and we gave it to Erin the other day.  I think she likes it.
                                                        It is well made and smells good.
                                               Oh, and there is something sentimental inside...

       When I was pregnant with Chris, I received a lovely gift at my baby shower. It is a baby bonnet that eventually turns into a handkerchief for his bride to carry in her wedding.  He wore it on his sweet little baby head and now she can carry it with her bouquet down the aisle.

A Keepsake
Beginnings are always beautiful
They touch the tender heart
For both babies and weddings
Promise a brand new start.
Little bonnets and christening caps
Are keepsakes, you will agree
Snap the threads, a hanky it makes
For that special bride to be.
So give me the joy of sharing
The high points of your life
The day your precious baby arrives
And takes or becomes a wife.

                                  A Keepsake for a much loved daughter-in -law to be.


  1. OH MY GOSH! I got an identical baby bonnet made from a hankie when my daughter Alida was born. But what did THIS dopey mother do????? I forgot about it, and she walked down the aisle this past Saturday without it.

    OMG ... what a dunce I am!

    Your future daughter in law is lucky you aren't scatter brained. I love this tradtition ... I guess I'll dig out the bonnet and save it until I have a grandchild!

    Good grief. Smack myself silly.

    All the best -- Cass
    PS I have found that becoming a mother in law is WAY different from becoming a mother, hahaha!

  2. She will be glad to get it, whenever it is given! Just expect a few tears...hers and yours.
    I do hope our wedding goes as well as yours did :o)
    PS...I love your blog.